We want to skale your career, invest in us and we will do the same =)

We want to skale your career, invest in us and we will do the same =)




SKALED’s greatest resource has always been our people—a team of highly skilled professionals. We like to ensure that our employees are some of the most qualified and knowledgeable individuals in the business. Therefore, we are always seeking applicants who desire challenging careers with the opportunity to enhance themselves and their surrounding community.
We have created an environment that encourages teamwork based on the principles of vision, integrity and technical expertise. These qualities flourish best in a dynamic work environment, shaped by people sharing these common principles. The success we have enjoyed is a result of a motivated, energetic and talented work force constantly striving to deliver excellence to our clients on every project, every day.
As we have evolved and changed to meet the fast-paced growth of our industry, so has our commitment to diversity. The varied backgrounds, cultures, ages, genders, races, and religions of our staff reflect our belief that each individual’s differences should be valued and utilized to maximize their potential and the goals of the organization.

We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and highly encourage resumes from all interested parties including women, minorities, veterans and persons with disabilities.



We believe that culture is everything, put someone in a miserable environment and they will most likely produce miserable quality of work. Put an individual in a flourishing positive environment with constant positive affirmation, and watch them grow. The mindset we have with with our team members who join us, is carried onto every project




The principles of why this business was founded is because of the above word. Fulfillment; “The satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character”. We believe if you are passionate about what you are doing you will never feel as if you worked a day in your life, if you think our company aligns with your needs we want to hear from you, and if you don’t, we want to hear from you too. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation to find your direction.


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