Our secret is no real secret. Our secreat is knowingly adding more value to others than we take in payment, good things come back in return.

Our secret is no real secret. Our secret is knowingly adding more value to others than we take in payment, good things come back in return.

In a growing digital age it is becoming more difficult than ever to launch and build a sustainable business. Each one of us have a given trade or skill set that is the core business competency. However, each company or brand requires energy and attention for a variety of departments; from Legal, Compliance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales as well as Human Resources. Often times in small businesses, the owners try to juggle all the monotonous tasks while focusing on whatever is actually driving their revenue. The differentiating factor at Skaled, is that we do for our clients, what has brought us and our other ventures success.

KYLE KUMMERLE – Managing Principle

  Starting his career in business at the age of 12 in the Information Technology Industry, Kyle started to innovate, scale and grow his career and mindset by wearing many hats with his vast knowledge in various facets of business. Being acclimated and apart of his family’s involvement in many business ventures, Kyle strived to build himself, his brand and his business making his own dream  a reality. Over the last 16 years Kyle has played a key role in building and maintaining digital advertising agencies, run business development and advertising departments of fortune 500 companies, as well as his own personal strategic planning company, and two other startup companies of his own, offering turnkey solutions to his clients. Kyle attended Pace University where his focus was his passions of Advertising, Promotion, and Fashion Merchandising. At the age of 31 alongside his other ventures, Kyle has now focused his efforts into helping young entrepreneurs realize their dreams through mentorship and investment opportunities. Over the last year Kyle assisted building, alongside his colleagues an entrepreneurial ecosystem that directly resulted in the startup, funding acquisition and growth of multiple startup businesses. Kyle worked closely alongside these inner city based startup businesses understanding their needs were very similar to the multi million dollar corporations of the world. During that time Kyle realized the demand for a company to assist startup and already established businesses acquire the resources they would need for long term sustainability. Out of those actions, Skaled Solutions was born. At this time Kyle has been the seed investor to three young entrepreneurs companies, aside from monetary investment Kyle works closely with those businesses with a mentor mindset to help them grow and scale to become capitol generating assets long after the owners step aside.